Meet the face
behind the posts.

A little bit about where I am at, and what I am trying to do here.


At 25 I had an ideal job in my field of choice and I quit. I needed to explore more. Explore myself and the world, figure out what I was actually pursuing and how I wanted to get there. I didn't know exactly what I was looking for or if I would know when I found it, but I decided to start with closing up shop on everything that was current in my life and planning a 9-month trip abroad. Then Covid-19 hit and just 2-weeks before I was scheduled to fly to South Africa, my trip was off. I needed a new plan, and this is it, part of it.


I am creating this space with the intention of documenting my reflections and experiences with two goals in mind: to be more connected to myself and offer my story to anyone who may benefit from it. I have had, and still have, much hesitation 


Below is a timeline of events that brought me here and are pertinent to what I want to talk about - if you are curious about the stories behind any of these send me a message!