Becoming an Egg Donor

Being an egg donor started as an “omg could you imagine?!” conversation with friends that turned into asking “but what actually *is* involved in donating eggs?” So I started googling, filled out an online application and it turned out I qualified. I created a donor profile complete with extensive family medical history, wrote short responses to questions that aimed to paint a picture of my character, colored in hundreds of scantron bubbles to attest to my stable psyche and got a basic education on what hormones the female body produces as part of the reproductive cycle. After submitting paperwork, a handful of baby pictures and passing health screenings including a genetic work-up, I was put into the donor bank. With much curiosity of how I compared to other donors in the bank I waited to be matched. It felt like an episode of black mirror where couples were flipping through their options, rating based on qualities that were important to them. How many profiles were they looking at? How many people were swiping left on me? Did I make them pause to read or was there no hesitation between seeing my first image and swiping? Or was it some other way entirely?

As a shared donor I match with 3 couples before starting to match up cycles for retrieval. This practice was put in place to both make it more affordable for recipients and to avoid wasting donor’s surplus eggs. It also means that per donation cycle my eggs could be bringing three tiny humans into the world to be cared for by 6 invested parents. That feels like a lot of lives touched by what for me has not been a strenuous process. It is weird to give a gift to strangers, to think it means so much to them, not to have felt like you gave anything away in the process and for there to be total anonymity. Maybe in 15 years I will be editing this post again with news of being contacted by humans made with my genes and someone else’s love.

In 2018 I donated three times and now with travel plans on hold due to COVID I have rejoined the donor bank and completed my fourth cycle today. If you are considering being a donor or are curious about the process let me know - I would be happy to share that process with this community as well.

For now I am propped up on the couch for a day of recovery and sending out good vibes to the three hopeful couples.