Finding Community

The womxn in my life I didn’t know I was missing until I found them.

In Historic Old Ellicott City - shout out to the home of adorable downtown shops - I found myself deeply connected to a hardcover book. This was not me. I don’t buy hardcover books because I don’t read books. I listen to audio books but I can not think of a single physical book I have read that wasn’t an assigned school reading, and those I skimmed anyway. I didn’t know why this book felt so different, but I walked up to the counter anyway and handed over more than double what I normally pay for the books I do buy. Two years later I have not sat down to finish reading it, but I can’t stop talking about all it has given me. Best $35 spent.

A few pages in I realized She Explores was not only a collection of printed stories and images, it was a community of womxn who value the outdoors, art, storytelling, connection and each other's unique journeys. It is a podcast highlighting individual change-makers and do-gooders and those of us challenging what we are supposed to want and do. It is support and love and respect and it made me realize - people are doing the things that society commonly writes off as the stuff of dreams not reality. Joining the facebook group, even without posting or engaging with the content shifted the course I was charting. 

I have this group to thank for introducing me to the amazing life and business coach Justine with Just a Wild Thought, for instilling confidence that solo travel and van-life was not out of reach for an independent woman, and showing me beautiful examples of artists forging their own path.  

Thanks to this community I took my first solo road trip in 2019 and spent 10 days exploring the New England coast and what it felt like to step away from the constant connection to friends and family. New adventures are being planned and gaining momentum because of the inspiration and support of the She Explores Community - I can't wait to share them all here with you.