Testing out something darker.

During a group coaching session we got on the topic of having been conditioned to pursue the beautiful and cohesive quintessential Instagram page. That the content we post on social media should speak directly to our audience and exemplify a consistent look and feel. But sometimes that look doesn’t feel authentic anymore, or we are tired of creating what feels like the same thing, or it doesn’t have the dimension we do as whole people. 

I am all for consistent messaging and content, it is something I often preach to clients, but it didn’t feel authentic for me right now. I can talk your ear off about the big ideas I have for my “someday business”, and not keeping up an Instagram that looks exactly how I imagine it should can be disheartening and tiring. I had ideas of creative projects that I was interested in doing but didn’t fit the image I thought I should be creating. What if instead - I just posted whatever the heck I was working on? Showed the diverse body of work I was creating that didn’t fit into one mood?

My instagram had been a place to post scenic views from trips I had taken and I hoped to open doors for travel photography related opportunities. With travel on hold due to COVID and after applying to Stocksy as a photographer and being denied I started exploring what else I was interested in shooting. The first very different feeling project appeared while walking in the woods with my mom. We came across a deer skull, and then a that of a fox, the shell of a turtle that was no longer, antlers and more. I challenged myself to shoot something that didn’t look anything like my other work and post it. Below are a few of these series which are mixed in with more of my photography here.